...dance until you wake the dead (rawdolphin) wrote in lesbiancafe,
...dance until you wake the dead

Sign the damn petition

Sign the petition for marriage equality at www.millionformarriage.org

if you have signed already, please get your friends to sign!  WCurrently at 260,000 signers).


+ why not continue the wave of marriage in vogue!?!

Happening now! Grab your sweetie and prance to get that paper...hey, it's a publicity stunt, but what do US politics run on? Surely city officials in NYC & Vermont are just waiting for a chance to commit civil disobediance!

Hell, I don't have a sweetie, but I might grab some random stranger and give it a go.

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August 5 2004, 09:50:44 UTC 13 years ago

Pssst. Grabbing random people off the street and marrying them says little about your respect for marriage. If you're willing to marry anybody you grab off the street, why should you be married??
I have no respect for marriage